Acrylic Nail Polish Remover

How to choose the right acrylic nail polish remover? What is the best acrylic nail polish remover? These are common questions of many ladies who use acrylic nails. There are different kinds of nail polish removing process for acrylic nails. However, to remove polish from acrylic nails there are two types of removers available in the market- one is nail polish remover without acetone and the other is acetone based nail polish remover.

How to use acrylic nail polish remover?
Take a cotton ball and apply some amount of remover to it. Now remove the colors of the acrylic nails with the help of this cotton ball that has remover in it. You may find that this process of removing colors from your acrylic nails is taking a bit longer time than the acetone removers but the acrylic nails will be at their perfect texture and they will remain as it is. You can easily do the next design on your acrylic nails after removing colors from them with non-acetone nail polish removers.

Acrylic Nail polish remover without acetone
This kind of acrylic nail polish remover is used mostly when you just want to remove the nail polish and not the gorgeous acrylic nails. Nail polish removers without acetone are safe and gentle compared to the acetone based nail polish removers. The non-acetone nail polish remover contains nethyl ethyl keytone or ethyl acetate in place of acetone. These chemicals are not harsh and work gently on the nails without any damaging effect. These chemicals do not dissolve or harden the acrylics. When you are using acrylic Nail polish removers without acetone your nails are at safe side as these removers are not abrasives to the nail cuticles and surrounding areas.
Acrylic Nail Polish Remover
Acrylic nail polish removers with acetone
These removers are not as gentle as the non-acetone removers and may prove tougher on the skin and cuticles. These removers may also be responsible for dissolving the bond between your natural nails and the acrylic nails. You may find that the nails feels soft if you apply the acetone directly on the acrylic nails but once dry, you will notice your acrylic nails have become hard. The acrylic nails may also break or crack.

How to remove colors from your acrylic nails by using acetone nail polish remover?
You can use these removers when you want to remove the nails entirely. Trim the nails and make them short. Put the acetone remover in a bowl and warm it up a bit so that you can soak your acrylic nails in it with ease. Soak the nails for 30 minutes so that they become soft and come off easily. When the acrylic nails take gel like textures, peel them off. Finally, to remove any glue or adhesives, you need to soak the nails in the remover for a few minutes.
You can also go for professional help to remove nail polish from your acrylic nails. It will not cost much when it comes to remove nail polish by professionals as you are just changing the color of the polish and not the entire nails.

Acrylic Nail Polish Remover
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