Do It Yourself Acrylic Nails At Home Guide

Women desire having a beautiful look and mainlining of beautiful nails is one step that can help in fulfilling this desire. The well maintained hand and nails make them look more gorgeous and elegant. But poor nail growth; their biting during the stress etc. can make the nails look bad. Acrylic nails have the required artistic nail art which can enhance their image. The do it yourself acrylic nails at home process can make them save a lot of money and time.

Requirements of the process
The process of do it yourself acrylic nails at home is quite simple but requires patience and practice. But one must have a clear understanding of the process and the acrylic nails. The powder and liquid is mixed in order to form a dense and consistent solution. This mixture is then directly applied to the natural nails and helps in making them attention grabbers. The requirements of the process include nail brush, nail polish remover, nail files, nail oil, acrylic nipper, artificial nail tips and powdered acrylic.

Trimming and filing the nails
The process can be started by trimming the nails by using the nail clip and giving them a clean and smooth look. The nails can then be cut back so that no nail loss happens if the acrylic nail breaks off. Remove all the previous traces of nail polish and acrylic that can be found on the nails by using the non acetone polish remover. The step can be avoided if the nails do not contain any nail polish.
Do It Yourself Acrylic Nails At Home Guide
Glue application
The glue can be applied to the tips of the acrylic nails and the best way to do this is to add a single drop on their edge and then move in the bottom up direction. Make sure that edge of the acrylic nail fits the original nail. You can adjust the acrylic nails by using the acrylic nail tip cutter. A nail file can be used for smoothing the rough edges. The liquid acrylic can be poured into the dish. You can dip the rush into the acrylic liquid and then wipe it against the container which carries the powder acrylic. This process is the same as in the application of nail polish.

The last steps
The acrylic nails and the natural nails can then be applied with little balls that are formed on the tip of the brush. The acrylic nails must be damp but should not be too wet. You can now spread them on the nail. This will give it a smooth and even look. Avoid excessive flattening and use the brush for wiping off the excess product. The acrylic nails can be filed for giving them a more enhancing appeal. The moisture can be retained by applying the nail oil. The steps of do it yourself acrylic nails at home should be able o help you in saving your valuable time and money,

Do It Yourself Acrylic Nails At Home Guide
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