Glitter Acrylic Nails

Glitter acrylic nails are to enhance and add gorgeous look to the acrylic nails. The glitter acrylic nails are really beautiful and great options to decorate your fingers for any occasion. When used with the shaped and long acrylic nails the glitter acrylic nails bring an awesome look.

Glitter acrylic nails come in two different types – the total glitter and glitter tip. The total glitter acrylic nails are perfect for festive looks while the glitter tip glitter acrylic nails offer a charming and an elegant look. The later ones have glitter decoration at the tips and at the extended parts of the acrylic nails.

To decorate and glamorize your fingertips, you can use the nail art graphics. To make glitter tip or total glitter there are glitter powder available in a wide range of different colors and textures. You can also take glitter accessories too for making glitter acrylic nails. Some of the most popular glitter accessories are 3D nails cartoon characters, pearls, stones, stars, flower petals and so on.

Where to buy the glitter acrylic nails ?
You can buy these glitter acrylic nails from any nails beauty shop or nail salons. It is better if you do some research about the types, textures, and prices of glitter acrylic nails before you buy the same, if you are an amateur. You can also create your own designs at home too and this will add more beauty to the decoration of your fingers.

How you can do glitter acrylic nails at home?
You need to know the instructions of doing acrylic nails at home before you turn on to do glitter acrylic nails. Use of color and designs obviously depend on you. However, here is a simple guide to help you to do glitter acrylic nails at home and by own.

Things you need

  • Acrylic glitter powder
  • Monomer
  • Top coat
  • Acrylic brush

Glitter Acrylic Nails
How to do?

  • First you need to dip the acrylic brush into your selected monomer. If you find it is dripping off, wipe the excess monomer.
  • The second step is to dip the wet acrylic brush’s tip in the glitter powder. Dip the brush carefully and slowly. Now, pick up a tiny ball of glitter powder with the wet acrylic brush.
  • Now, you need to place the glitter ball on acrylic nails’ tip. Then flatten the ball of glitter in straight line, horizontally
  • You should add extra glitter powder to cover the whole tip of the acrylic nail so that the glitter can make a line of deep smile on the top of the nail
  • Finally, apply clear acrylic to coat the entire nails and buff the nails to bring a smooth finish. After you are done, you can use the selected topcoat

Some precautionary measures for glitter acrylic nails
You should be careful to not file the glitter acrylic nails as filing may scuff the glitters and reduce the shiny look too. You should learn about acrylic nails manicure on maintaining the acrylic nails, particularly when you add heavy materials or stones to them.

Glitter Acrylic Nails
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