How To Do Acrylic Nails Step by Step

Acrylic nails are a kind of fake nails that are applied to one’s own natural nails. But these acrylic nails can provide a natural look and are long lasting and strong also. Though the technique needs some time for perfection, one can apply the acrylic nails by him/herself. The professionals that work at nail salons are properly trained for applying the acrylic nails in the right way. Therefore if you want a professional look to your work, it might require more than one try. But once the technique of how to do acrylic nails is learn, one can do the process in almost no time.

Remove the polish and acrylic
All the polish and acrylic that is contained on the nails can be cleaned by using the nail brush. The natural nails need to be trimmed back to the skin. The natural nails must be trimmed so that the broken acrylic does not rips of the natural nail. Remove the acrylic or polish that can be found on the nails. A nail brush can be used to clean the nails thoroughly. The natural nails can also be trimmed back to the skin. The natural nails should be trimmed to avoid the ripping off of the natural nails by the broken acrylic nail. The nail file can be used to smooth the rough areas and slough off the dead skin.
how to do acrylic nails
Gluing filing and trimming
Small amount of glue can be placed on the tip portion of the acrylic nails. The glue can reach the center of the nail and also covers the bottom and top edges of the natural nails. The acrylic nails can then be applied to the natural nails. Use a file for trimming the nails. You can also smooth them in order to give them the desired length. This is an important part of the how to do acrylic nails process.

Using the brush
The liquid acrylic can be place in a small dish and then the acrylic brush can be dipped into it. The brush should be then slowly wiped towards the side of the bowl. A little amount of liquid acrylic should only be contained on the brush, now you can touch the tip of the brush for creating small balls of acrylic powder. You can brush along the edge of the acrylic and the natural nail. In order to smooth the acrylic one need to work quickly. Try not to flatten it. You can now create a natural curve on the nail by repeating the application of dry and wet acrylic. You can apply a single coat for the acrylic nail and can even use a thin coat on the tip.

For creating a natural curve on the acrylic nail, the application of wet and dry acrylic needs to be repeated. A single coat to the tip of the acrylic nail will give an even look but the coat needs to be thin. The acrylic then has to be dried for a period of 10 minutes. The acrylic nail also has to be filed for giving it a natural look. The filing can smooth out the nails and the brush can be used for sweeping away the filings. The cuticle area has to be moisturized by using the moisturizing nail oil. This is so because the acrylic and can cause the drying of the nails. The how to do acrylic nails guide can help you to apply the acrylic nails without using external help.

How To Do Acrylic Nails Step by Step
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