Nail Polish for Acrylic Nails

To use nail polish for acrylic nails is not a difficult task and you can do the same by own at home too. All you need are some step-by-step tutorials and guides that will help you to change the existing nail polish use new nail polish for acrylic nails.

What the necessary things you need to arrange for removing nail polish and applying new colors for acrylic nails?
You should arrange the following things to remove and apply new nail polish on acrylic nails

  • nail brush
  • hand soap
  • gauze/cotton balls
  • warm water
  • paper towels
  • nail polish remover (non acetone)
  • nail top coat
  • nail polish

Let us start with the step-by-step process of changing nail polish on acrylic nails

  • Step one – use the warm water and hand soap to clean the tops and undersides of your nails. Use the nail brush for the cleansing process
  • Step two – Take gauze or cotton balls and put acrylic nail polish remover on them. Use that gauze or cotton ball to remove the existing colors from the nails. Be sure that you are using the non-acetone remover as this will not do any damage on the acrylic nails
  • Step three – With the help of paper towels wipe the nails to dry out. Your acrylic nails are now free of any color.
  • Step four – You can now start applying new colors on your acrylic nails. Take your selected color and apply the first coat. Let the polish dry enough so that you can apply the second coat.
  • Step five – When both the coats are dried out you can use the top coat for bringing shine to the nails

Nail Polish for Acrylic Nails
Using nail polish for acrylic nails you can make different types of nail arts and nail designs. For creating new and innovative nail arts, you do not need to go to nail salons or beauty parlors and spend good amount of money for the same. Instead, you can do the same in your home too. If you have a good artistic eye, you can create unique designs. From simple and easy designs to flower motifs or gorgeous gems designs- all can be done on the acrylic nails to decorate your fingers.

Be it removing nail polish from acrylic nails or applying new colors to the nails – you should keep patience to do the same. You need to be careful that you are not applying the second coat of nail polish on the top of the first coat till it dried out entirely. Also, you should not apply top coats till the second coat had dried out.

Use of bright and dark colors brings gaudy looks to the nails. While making nail arts and styles on acrylic nails try to use a dark shade and a bright but light shade in combo. You can also add gems or stickers to create unique nail arts on acrylic nails.
Nail polish for acrylic nails are really easy to maintain and colors remain for longer time on natural acrylic nails looks.

Nail Polish for Acrylic Nails
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