Short and Simple Acrylic Nails Designs

short and simple acrylic nails designs

You can make short and simple acrylic nails designs at home by little patience and bit practice. It does not cost much to decorate your nails with the short and simple acrylic nails designs. Without visiting beauty salons and spending good deal of time and heavy amount of money on acrylic nail arts, you can create fantastic but short and simple acrylic nails designs by own.

You need to choose colors fast and application of bright and dark shades really works magically on the acrylic nails, particularly, if you are going for any party, you can easily make your nails attractive by dark and bright shades. For example, let us start with the very common and easily available black and white shades.

Horizontal Black and White shades
Apply the black color on your nail bed. Once the first coat dried out, put another coat of the same color – black on the nails. When you are done with the black nail coating, paint your nails’ rising crest with the white nail color. You can get a neat but stylish look by horizontal strokes of the white nail polish over the black one.

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Short and Simple Acrylic Nails Designs
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Acetone for Removing Acrylic Nails

how to use acetone to remove acrylic nails

It is really easy and cost effective to use to acetone for removing acrylic nails. You can remove your acrylic nails at home by using acetone without spending dollars in beauty parlors. All you need to do is to buy acetone and from any chemist or beauty salon. The other products you need to use for removing acrylic nails are the common accessories that you use in everyday life to shape and maintain your nails.

What are the ingredients needed with acetone for removing acrylic nails?

  • Hot Water
  • Cuticle Sticks
  • Nail Filer
  • Cotton Balls
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Nail Buffer
  • Nail Clippers
  • Trash Bin
  • Waste Newspaper (these will help you to prevent spills)
  • Paper Towels (for wiping off nail polish, to dry off your hands, and to put all the acrylic nails when will come off)
  • Petroleum Jelly (optional)

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Acetone for Removing Acrylic Nails
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Acrylic Nail Salons And Shop

acrylic nail salon

Acrylic Nail Salons
There are several acrylic nail salons and shop in each and every city and the need for the various accessories used by these salons varies according to the services offered by them. These nail salons help in attaching acrylic false fake nails, doing nail art, manicure and pedicure services, etc. Some of these shops and salons also conduct coaching classes in nail art. So, for beauty treatment of the nails or for conducting classes or for selling the various nail beauty accessories, bulk supply of the accessories are necessary. There are many wholesale nail art accessory suppliers in the market. The professional salons and shops can get their supply of accessories from the best wholesalers available online.

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Acrylic Nail Salons And Shop
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Natural Acrylic Nails

Natural Acrylic Nails

You can do natural acrylic nails at home by applying light pink colors. This light shade of pink will create the natural look and it is really impossible to find out if your long and beautiful nails are natural or acrylic nails.

Types of natural looking acrylic nails
As acrylic nails have become the indispensable parts of hottest styles and are fashion trends of today’s woman, manufacturers are offering different types of these artificial nails. Also, other artificial nails are setting a competitive market for the acrylic nails. You can take the white acrylic nails and the cute pink acrylic nails to create gorgeous but elegant and natural looks on your nails. Thus you can go in style with your natural acrylic nails and no one could be able to guess that you have done artificial nails.

The white acrylic nails on the tips of the nails have become parts of French manicure and it is really a unique to flaunt your stylish natural acrylic nails. You can also draw some fantastic designs on the white acrylic nails or can add imitation stones or pearls too on one finger tip. It will give you a cool and sexy look! … Read more

Natural Acrylic Nails
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Types of Acrylic Nails and Styles

Types of acrylic nails and styles

You can easily be in style by opting different types of acrylic nails and styles. The two major types of acrylic nails that are commonly used by today’s women are the white acrylic nails and the pink acrylic nails. Both the white acrylic nails and the pink acrylic nails are gaining high popularity and are known to be the latest trends of fashion.

Types of acrylic nails and styles :-
White acrylic nails
Many fashion loving ladies and women use this white acrylic nails as a part of their manicures. These white acrylic nails are particularly popular as in the French manicure. You can bring the chalky white look to your nails by using the white acrylic nails. … Read more

Types of Acrylic Nails and Styles
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