Short and Simple Acrylic Nails Designs

You can make short and simple acrylic nails designs at home by little patience and bit practice. It does not cost much to decorate your nails with the short and simple acrylic nails designs. Without visiting beauty salons and spending good deal of time and heavy amount of money on acrylic nail arts, you can create fantastic but short and simple acrylic nails designs by own.

You need to choose colors fast and application of bright and dark shades really works magically on the acrylic nails, particularly, if you are going for any party, you can easily make your nails attractive by dark and bright shades. For example, let us start with the very common and easily available black and white shades.

Horizontal Black and White shades
Apply the black color on your nail bed. Once the first coat dried out, put another coat of the same color – black on the nails. When you are done with the black nail coating, paint your nails’ rising crest with the white nail color. You can get a neat but stylish look by horizontal strokes of the white nail polish over the black one.

Create Geometrical Designs on your nails
Geometrical Nail Art designs too look gorgeous and unique on nails. You may take help from your school’s geometry lessons! Just remember some of the fantastic designs of geometry and create catchy acrylic nail designs. One interesting feature of these geometrical designs is that you have to apply the light shaded nail polish first and after it has been dried out, you should use the dark shade. You have unending choices like making squares, triangles, little circles or Frisbee designs to show your artistic skills and choices. How is it to smear some sparkles on the nails ? This will highlight the art designs of your acrylic nails.
short and simple acrylic nails designs
Polka Dots too look gorgeous but it is really easy to make!
You can also be in style by creating the polka dots on your acrylic nails. To make polka dots, first apply dark shaded nail polish on your acrylic nails. Apply the dark shade and once it has dried out put another coat of the same shade. Have patience to dry out the dark shaded coating. Once the colors are dried out, take a small and thin stick or a pencil to dip into the light shaded nail polish. Now create dotted designs or spots on the dark shades with the light color. That’s all you need to do to get unique polka dots.

Designs your acrylic nails with Gems
Small gems, petite stickers, tweezers all work dramatically to bring unique looks to your nail designs. However, you need to be little careful while applying and fill up acrylic nails, but with bit practice and patience you can easily create some wonderful nail arts.

These are some of the short and simple acrylic nails designs. The best nail art designs should be those which will uniquely created by you. So, just use your imaginative faculty and create gorgeous and trendy acrylic nails designs.

Short and Simple Acrylic Nails Designs
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