Step By Step Acrylic Nail Tutorials

Step by step acrylic nail tutorials are to help you to do acrylic nails at home. Acrylic nails are craze and fashion trend among the fashion loving ladies. Apart from keeping you in style these nails are also good choices for those women who are not blessed with strong, long, and beautiful natural nails.

However for doing acrylic nails, visiting to beauty salons are not mandatory. You can do acrylic nails at home to add beauty and style to your personality by following some of the simple procedures. It is really easy to do acrylic nails by own when you have step by step acrylic nail tutorials with you. It is really problematic for many to go to saloons at regular intervals to do and maintain the acrylic nails. You need to pay good amount of money too while doing and removing acrylic nails by professional help. But when you are doing the same at home you are saving cost and time.

With the step by step acrylic nail tutorials, a little practice, and bit patience, you can gain mastery over doing and removing acrylic nails. Let us start with doing the acrylic nails at home by some easy methods.

Doing acrylic nails at home – step by step acrylic nail tutorials

  • Arrange all necessary supplies such as liquid acrylic, powder acrylic, buffer, acrylic nail tips, nail brush, acrylic clippers, and adhesives.
  • The first thing you need to do is to clean your nails. Remove existing colors, push the cuticles back, remove all dead cuticle debris, and finally buff up your nails.
  • Now, select the right acrylic tips for your nails. If you want to strengthen your nails then apply powder and liquid acrylic directly. Else, take the nail tips to add length to your natural nails.
  • Apply the adhesives on the nail tips so that you can place the acrylic nails on it. Be careful that tips’ C curve is fitted perfectly to your natural nail’s C curve. You should hold the tips at 45 degree and then slide them till the edges of the natural nails fir the tips.
  • Dip the nail brush in the liquid acrylic and then in the powder before applying acrylic to the nails. Spread the acrylic and blend your two nails.
  • File and buff the acrylic nails once they are in place.
  • Now is the time to apply nail polish. Select your favorite color and make some cool and sexy nail arts.

Step By Step Acrylic Nail Tutorials
You need to take proper care of your acrylic nails to get the best of them. Proper maintenance helps the acrylic nails to look better and last longer. You can use nail oils and nail serums to maintain the texture and look of the acrylic nails. You should always be careful that you are not putting any pressure to the nails. Use of gloves is really worthy to prevent the acrylic nails from damaging while you are doing any household work. When you need to remove your acrylic nails, choose the right kind of remover.

Step By Step Acrylic Nail Tutorials
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