Artificial Nails ( Acrylic False Nails, Acrylic Fake Nails )

acrylic fake nails

Why Acrylic Nails?
One of the best types of artificial nails that is the strongest and the best nails that will lie over your natural nails for a longer period of time than most other artificial nails is the acrylic false nails. These nails are preferred as they are hard and will not easily chip, crack or whip. It is important for you to seek the help of a manicurist in applying these false nails to make them look natural and gorgeous. Moreover, a manicurist will be able to suggest you the best type of acrylic fake nails that will suit your hands perfectly.

Is It The Right Choice To Go For Acrylic False Fake Nails?
If you have the habit of biting you nail ends when you get tensed or are worried about the length of the nails, then one of the best options to get the desired nail length and to make your hands look beautiful and attractive is to go for acrylic fake nails. There are plenty of good acrylic nail sets that will withstand the regular wear and tear that you come across in your daily tasks and are so strong that they do not break. … Read more

Artificial Nails ( Acrylic False Nails, Acrylic Fake Nails )
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Do It Yourself Acrylic Nails At Home Guide

Do It Yourself Acrylic Nails At Home Guide

Women desire having a beautiful look and mainlining of beautiful nails is one step that can help in fulfilling this desire. The well maintained hand and nails make them look more gorgeous and elegant. But poor nail growth; their biting during the stress etc. can make the nails look bad. Acrylic nails have the required artistic nail art which can enhance their image. The do it yourself acrylic nails at home process can make them save a lot of money and time.

Requirements of the process
The process of do it yourself acrylic nails at home is quite simple but requires patience and practice. But one must have a clear understanding of the process and the acrylic nails. The powder and liquid is mixed in order to form a dense and consistent solution. This mixture is then directly applied to the natural nails and helps in making them attention grabbers. The requirements of the process include nail brush, nail polish remover, nail files, nail oil, acrylic nipper, artificial nail tips and powdered acrylic.

Trimming and filing the nailsRead more

Do It Yourself Acrylic Nails At Home Guide
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Acrylic Nail Liquid

acrylic nail liquid

Making Acrylic Nail Liquid
Acrylic nails are also called artificial nails. They are for those individuals who look for some glamour and flair in their life style. They are also called as fake nails and can be purchased from any beauty nail store. The application requires an accompanying adhesive also. But this process may take some time to produce good results. Therefore many people who want shiny and long nails use the professional services of nail technicians who apply acrylic nail liquid on the fingernails, in the salon. These professionals have a pot of powder (which has a pinkish color that matches nail) and liquid. A brush is used to place the liquid on it. This brush is then dipped into the powder. The reaction forms a soft gel or wax that is then molded on the nail. The gel dries almost in an instant after application. The acrylic nail liquid kits can be used by any person who wants to make his own acrylic liquid nails.

Purchasing the liquid
The acrylic nail liquid kits can be obtained from the beauty nail salon stores that are found in the market. Online purchase is also possible. The acrylic nail liquid and the acrylic powder should be mixed for creating a strong binding finish. This helps in making the acrylic nails popular. Nail buffer is not included in many kits and therefore can be purchased separately as it comes handy in use. One can an also purchase desired nail tips that are sized correctly to fit into and look alike natural fingernail tips. … Read more

Acrylic Nail Liquid
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Steps On How To Remove Acrylic Nails

How To Remove Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails can provide good looks to the nails. Sometimes these also work as a life saver for those people who have weak and soft nails. They also suit those who have nails that do not grow in the right way when left on their own. But like may other things, the wearing of acrylic nails also comes to end .These how to remove acrylic nails steps will help you to remove your acrylic nail in a simple and painless way.

Using the nail polish remover
The next step of how to remove acrylic nails process involves the use of nail remover. Nail polish remover can be filled in the glass bowl. It should have acetone. The nails can be soaked in this remover as it will help in dissolving the glue that attaches the acrylic nails to the natural ones. Before you dunk your nails, a coat of petroleum jelly can be applied to the surrounding skin. The jelly application will ensure that the skin does not dry’s out when it is soaked in the acrylic nail polish remover.
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Steps On How To Remove Acrylic Nails
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Get The Best Looking Nails With Acrylic Nails Paint

Acrylic Nails Paint

There is an amazing importance given to acrylic nails these days and the latest trend of acrylic nails paint art designs is one that will not only make your hands look more beautiful, but it is considered to be the most important fashion accessory by modern women. The acrylic colored nails can be fixed on to your natural nails by using the various home kits that are available in all the leading cosmetic stores or at a nail salon.

These acrylic nails paint art designs are gaining popularity in America and we now see more and more women use these nails to make a fashion statement at functions, parties, family meetings and weddings. Also, women who suffer from weak and brittle nails and people who have the habit of biting their nails during stress times can now use the acrylic nails of different styles and designs to show off their beautiful hands. … Read more

Get The Best Looking Nails With Acrylic Nails Paint
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